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No lesson 4/10/2024 Thus was my first session with Ace since he came back form his trip. He was very exclusive and repititious for the first 25-30 minutes of our session. Then he came out and we had a very connected session for the rest of the way. View Entry
No lesson 10/27/2023 My sessions with Ace are really starting to take shape, we have started establish some defined games and activities based on his motivations. At the beginning of this program, he was not sitting for an activity unless made to to do so. He is now bringing himself to and sitting down for certain activities. View Entry
No lesson 9/8/2023 Pretty typical session for Adam, lot's of physical play punctuated by some grounded play with his lego's. View Entry
No lesson 8/30/2023 Momo has really come on lately, especially with his attention span. He has been grounding into more defined games for longer periods of time. View Entry
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