Hi. My name’s Aaron. My mission is to help you help your child.

I started working with children on the autism spectrum in 1999 and knew immediately that this was my calling. I started my career in ABA, but after a few years I realized that the behavioral approach wasn’t for me. I was conflicted, I loved working with ASD children, but didn’t see a way forward for me in the behavioral field. That’s when I discovered play therapy. After that, there was no looking back. Over the past eighteen years, I have traveled extensively, helped more than nine hundred families, and logged thousands of hours working with children and their parents.

This incredible experience has changed my life. It demonstrated over and over how something as simple as play can have a huge impact on a child’s development, and on a family’s quality of life.

Since the autism  therapy I provide usually involves traveling to the homes of the families I work with, it became apparent early on that the number of families I could help was very limited. I developed the materials on this site in order to bring the benefits of my approach to as many families as possible.

The content in this site reflects over 18 years experience working all over the world with children on the autism spectrum.  It is intended to bring this very simple and very effective form of therapy to every family who is interested and could benefit from it.

My goal is to provide you with the skills you can use to help your child develop his/her social communication, and in the process, deepen your relationship with them.

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Connecting with Autism

Play.Connect.Grow is a child company of Connecting with Autism, founded in 2007 by Aaron DeLand. You can learn more about our approach to autism intervention by writing to  connectingwithautism@hotmail.com

Aaron DeLand teaching children with autism play therapy activities

Aaron DeLand

Founder – Play.Connect.Grow. & Connecting with Autism