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Is your child getting the most out of their playtime with you?

Every parent, whether they have a child on the spectrum or not want their children to reach their full potential. For a parent with a child that has developmental delays, speech and language delays or autism this can feel daunting. Helping your child communicate more clearly and learn more effectively can make all of the difference for them. That communication begins with enjoyable, accepting relationships.

Parents who use play as a way to help their children report seeing:
  • A happier more confident child.
  • Longer interactive attention spans.
  • More spontaneous social communication use.
  • Increased eye contact and social referencing.
  • and more communication development…

Why Play Therapy?

Make It FUN!

Discover how to make social interaction enjoyable and motivating with your child without being overwhelmed.

Empower YOU

Learn how to empower yourself and inspire your child's communication without the fear of doing it wrong.


Reveal wow to engage your child's unique behaviors and transform them in to learning opportunities for a brighter future!

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You'll learn a lot about improving social development, social communication, and language development using Play Connect Grow play therapy techniques.

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