How would you like to cultivate your child's social development without adding more "busy" to your life?

Learn to use your existing play time and natural opportunities to stimulate your child's learning.

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Is your ASD child getting the most out of their playtime?

The biggest challenge facing children with autism spectrum disorder is social communication.

Eye contact, language, attention span, nonverbal communication and social flexibility are just a few of the skills needed to succeed in the social world.

Parents who use Developmental Play Therapy report:

A happier more confident child.

More social communication use.

Natural eye contact and social referencing

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Increased eye contact and social referencing

To learn from others we must look at other people's faces.

Nonverbal communication

Roughly 75% of clear communication is NON-verbal, words alone don't get it done. Gestures and imitation are crucial to succeeding in relationships and learning.

Natural language development

Learning in a play setting allows your child to “pick up” language in a fun context and use it spontaneously, giving it more meaning and value.

Longer interactive attention spans

The foundation for all social growth is a strong interactive attention span. This alone can change your child's life experience for the better!

Make social interaction and relationships enjoyable

Play is, has and always will be the main way in which we learn to be social beings. In order to do this we have to be internally motivated to seek out interaction.

Parent instruction

Clear simple instructional videos that will help you teach your child, while also deepening your relationship with them.

Parent implemented

Watch the video lessons and implement what you've learned immediately.

Support from a developmental play specialist

Attend the monthly Q&A's with founder of Play.Connect.Grow. and play therapy specialist, Aaron DeLand.

Earn CE Credit Hours

Play.Connect.Grow. is a certified continuing education provider for speech-language pathologists and audiologists in the state of California and meets continuing education requirements for ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).

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You'll learn a lot about improving social development, social communication, and language development using Play Connect Grow play therapy techniques.

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