How Play Therapy Works

All children want to have fun. It doesn’t matter if they’re on or off the autism spectrum. Children have a powerful internal drive to play that can overcome almost any obstacle in their way.

Play therapy techniques shift the focus of this fundamental desire towards increased social interaction and language development.

Play therapy lets us become the thing that children want. When we become the source of their motivation and the object of their interest, learning becomes natural, easy, and fun.

Play.Connect.Grow. lets you learn and interact with your child from anywhere!

Start with the Basics

You'll begin by learning how to play with a child on the autism spectrum. The Play Therapy 101 course is a great place to start. Simply watch the videos and read the attached articles for each segment, and by the end of the course you'll fully understand the basics of developmental play therapy.

Follow the Exercises

At the end of each article you'll see exercises and questions. The exercises are easy to follow instructions you can use to practice what you've learned in the training module. The questions make it easy to evaluate your play sessions.

Help & Support

Play therapy is a learning process for you as well as your child. You may want support along the way. We're here to help. You can get live online support from Aaron DeLand or another fully qualified Play Connect Grow professional to get your specific questions answered.

Now Go Out and Have Fun!

You'll learn a lot about improving social development, social communication, and language development using Play Connect Grow play therapy techniques.

But don't forget, the most important thing is to always be loving and have fun!

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