How Play Therapy Works

All children want to have fun.
It doesn’t matter if they have a diagnosis or not. Of course, all children are unique, however, the one thing they all have in common is a powerful internal drive to enjoy themselves and pursue fun!
Play therapy seeks to harness this fundamental desire and use it to cultivate social interaction and language development.
Play therapy allows us to become the thing that our children want. When we become the source of their motivation and the object of their interest, social learning becomes natural, easy, and fun.
Play.Connect.Grow. lets you learn from anywhere!

Pick your package

Online coursework only or online coursework plus 3 or 6 month guided support and training with Aaron DeLand.

Follow the Training Exercises and complete the quizzes

Each course comes with follow up training exercises and quizzes. These are designed to cement what you learn in the course work.

Follow Up and Support

Want more involved support? Book individual consults or sign up for a longer-term consultation package. The online course is a complete resource, but sometimes parents want more specific and customized support and insights for their child. We're here for you!

Now Go Out and Have Fun!

You'll learn a lot about improving social development, social communication, and language development using Play Connect Grow play therapy techniques.

But don't forget, the most important thing is to always be loving and have fun!

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