Video 6 minutes

Evil Dr. Ed Episode 1 “Slip, Slap and Slime”

In this episode of Evil Dr. Ed “The Floating Head”, Dr. Ed is trying to rid the world of a few words, Slip, Slime and Slap!

Dr. Ed needs as many trusted lab assistants as he can get! Will you join him?

  • This video targets the S-blend “Sl” and is intended for your child to watch by themselves or with minimal direction from you the parent.
  • Make sure your child knows proper tongue placement for the “S” sound before viewing. Click here to watch a brief video on S and Z Tongue Placement
  • Listen to them to make sure they are practicing this correctly, after that this is designed to be self directed.
  • Play the video for your child. If this is your child’s first time using our videos, watch with them and make sure they are following the prompts.
  • You can also use this as a sequencing video by asking your child to share what they saw.  Listen for a clear beginning,  middle, and end.
  • Bonus points for any descriptive language and answering follow up questions.
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