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This package is for those interested in play as a therapy for their autistic child, but want to try it out first on their own time. Get started on your time, from anywhere!

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DIY Courses

Our Quick Start course is made up of seven teaching segments each with it’s set of lessons. Informative interesting articles, clear video examples, final quizzes and a data tracker to keep notes on your play sessions so that you can keep tabs on your child's development.

Final Quizzes and Certificates

Every course segment comes with a final quiz and guided exercises. Basic certification is granted with completion of the entire course and acts as a prerequisite for professional certification.

Child Progress Tracking

Keep simple notes and targeted data points so that you can observe your child’s progress and where they might need more attention.

Unlimited Course Access

Many online courses give you a limited amount of time to complete the course work. We believe in your motivation to help your child and understand how busy parents lives can be. That’s why we decided that once you buy the course it’s yours for as long as you need!

Play therapy is the hottest treatment trend for special needs kids, and you've never seen anyone play like Aaron. He's like a Child Whisperer on Red Bull. Graham would ride the wave of Aaron's energy, sometimes playing for 4 hours straight! You could almost see the neurons firing.

- Erik

Manhattan Beach, CA

Aaron was so effective at deeply connecting with Matthew and with us. He was persistent in such a loving way that he enabled Matthew to participate in lengthy and powerful interactions. At one point, Matthew was trying to get his words out, but he was laughing so hard that the request was broken up by his joy instead of his frustration. I am not sure I can convey what a meaningful moment that was for me.

- Andrea

New York, NY

Meet your play therapy team

Aaron DeLand

Aaron DeLand

Aaron began his career working with children as a classroom teacher for preschool and kindergarten ages. After leaving teaching he started working with children on the autism spectrum in 1999 and knew immediately that this was his calling. Although he began working in ABA, after a few years he realized that the behavioral approach wasn’t for him. That’s when he found play therapy for autism at the Autism Treatment Center of America where he trained and worked for five years. Since venturing out on his own, Aaron has traveled all over the world, teaching parents and professionals how to play with children on the autism spectrum as a way to cultivate social development. All of those experiences shaped the content you’ll find on this site.

Since the autism therapy Aaron provides usually involves traveling to the homes of the families he works with, it became apparent early on, that the number of families he could help was very limited. Aaron developed the course work on this site in order to bring the developmental benefits of play to as many families as possible.

Kim Scott DeLand

Kim Scott DeLand

Kim Scott DeLand, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist who is passionate about her work and dedicated to ensure that families will receive a high standard of personalized and professional care. Kim believes that parental involvement is crucial to the success of a child’s speech and language development. She encourages parents to get involved with their child’s therapy and helps them take an active role in their child’s development.

Kim’s philosophy is to establish a loving connection with her clients and to infuse fun into her speech therapy sessions. She uses her expertise to design a program unique for each child. Kids learn best through play, therefore her sessions are structured around play!

Start with unlimited course access and progress tracking

This package is for those interested in play as a therapy for their autistic child, but want to try it out first on their own time. Get started on your time, from anywhere!

$750 (one-time)

Get Started Today


Commonly asked questions and answers

What kind of changes can I expect to see in my child and how soon?

This is a bit subjective. Each child and circumstance is so different that responses vary, that being said most children respond initially by simply seeking us out more and showing more spontaneous interest in interaction. Their eye contact tends to increase, they seek less isolation and initiate more social interaction with those around them. I would describe it as a bit of an awakening. Some parents describe a happier, more teachable and available child.

How long do I have to complete the online course?

As long as you need! Once you purchase this course it’s yours to keep for as long as you need. You can refer back to it when ever you like and access the tracking tool as well.

How often and for how long do I need to do this?

It’s a balance. Certainly start with what feels enjoyable and doable for you, because some is better than none. As a guideline we recommend building up to 8 hours a week of 1:1 playtime for your child with either a parent, family member or member of your child's team.

Can I do this in conjunction with other therapies?

100% YES!! Developmental Play Therapy supports learning and growth in general and more than likely the other educators in your child’s life will comment on how your child has changed and ask you if you’re doing anything different. Because you're focused on developing your child’s interactive attention span and ability to communicate you’re also developing their ability to think and learn!

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