Play Therapy 101

Introductory courses for parents and professionals who are new to play therapy. Start here to learn the basic play style and begin making an impact right now!

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Play Therapy 201

Learn how to use your new skill set to teach more sophisticated social interaction . Take your learning to new heights!

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Inspiring your child’s social awakening

Start inspiring your child’s social awakening with this course! Developmental play therapy for autism seeks to inspire an internal social drive in your child,…

Expanding your child’s attention span

Now that you understand the Motivate and wait play style, sustaining interactive attention span is the natural next step. As you use the play…

Harnessing the power of shared enjoyment

One of the first things all children learn to do is initiate interaction and socially reference people.  Typically developing children frequently socially reference or…

Growing your child’s language ability

Creating motivation and opportunity is the best way to cultivate natural language development for a child. Spark the desire to communicate and learning to…

Exploring the world of imagination play

Symbolic and imaginative play is where the more sophisticated communication really starts to happen and is what really precursors fluent speech and language. Children…

Laying strong language foundations

Roughly 75% of the effectiveness of how we communicate our emotions depends on how well we use and interpret non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication develops…

Going from solo play to dynamic interaction

If you have a child with autism you have probably experienced them become exclusive or reptitious or both. People often think of rocking back…

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Play Therapy 201 Course Bundle

Get access to all Play Therapy 201 courses with this bundle!