Video 9 min

The Naked Chef Show Ep. 2 “Rotten Ramen”

The Naked Chef is back and focusing on “R” sounds!

In this ROTTEN episode, the Naked Chef prepares a few different types of ramen for his poor assistant to taste test for him. Chef needs your help convincing him to try it!

Glad I don’t have to do it!  Come on let’s all go to the Naked Chef Show!

  • Review proper tongue placement before your child watches the video.
  • Play the video and watch to see if your child is following the prompts from the Naked Chef. If they are not gently remind them to “help Chef out.”
  • If your child enjoyed this video, they may enjoy recreating something like this in their play. You can give your child extra practice by facilitating a silly cooking game involving ingredients beginning with “R”.
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