Video 6 minutes

Danger Dan Backyard Stuntman Ep. 1 “Water balloon meets face”

Danger Dan gets ballooned!! Join us as Danger Dan risks ….getting wet for your entertainment!

This video module is intended to give your child an opportunity to tell you about something silly and interesting. In doing so they are practicing sequencing and storytelling and those are two crucial skills when it comes to clear communication!

  • Sequencing and storytelling are crucial when it comes to clear communication. You can’t just start talking about something without context and generally you talk about something in a sequence: First A, then B, then C.
  • This video is intended to give kids an opportunity to tell a story and practice sequencing.
  • Let your child watch the video straight through.
  • Ask them to tell you or someone else about what they watched.
  • When listening to your child or student. Listen for a clear beginning, middle, and end. This will be the skeleton of your story.
  • For an added challenge ask a few probing questions to try and build more of a picture.
  • Look for things like setting, characters, and plot.
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